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More Admin. [21 Apr 2013|04:03pm]

Just posting so this doesn't get deleted...
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ADMIN STUFF [18 Jul 2003|01:37pm]

Just to let people wandering in here know and avoid confusion, most posts are made in individual journals, not here. To read along, go to the friends page, and have fun.
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[24 Jun 2003|11:19pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Hello everyone. Gosh, it feels strange to be back to normal this term. All that work for the pantomine was exhausting. Mother was ever so proud though. She insisted on telling all the family about it at Christmas. She even tried to get me to sing some of my songs in front of everyone but I just couldn't. It's harder to sing to a group of your family than it is to sing in front of the entire school.

Daphne you were a wonderful waiting woman. Even so you know I wouldn't expect you to wait on me this term. And of course I am happy with just you. I like Mavis and don't like to leave her on her own but you're my special friend. Please don't be jealous.

One thing that's really queer this term is that after the pantomine everybody in the school sems to know who I am. It's quite frighteneing having a group of first years surround you asking you all about being Cinderella. I know that Darrell and Moira will say I need to be firmer with them but I just didn't have the heart to.

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